Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolate: my best pacifier?

I feel guilty whenever I give my daughter some chocolates just for her to keep quiet. Although chocolate have benefits, it is still regarded as a junk food. Of course I don’t do it every time. This is just one of the “101 ways” I do if I want to get things done on time, meet deadlines, or busy with my work and blogging.

Chocolate is her best buddy. A delight to every children or maybe an innate she got from her dad – a certified chocolate lover.

How to save money in buying school supplies for our kids?

Parents are certainly feeling the pressure of financial obligation now, more than before. The cost of living has reached historical proportions and causing families to seek every alternative possible to provide for their children. Food, clothing and shelter sure has their demands and take up a lot of the monthly budget; however, so too does education. School tuition and miscellaneous costs are oftentimes one of the biggest budget items for a family. This is even doubly difficult on a single mother who has to meet these needs by herself. Regardless, there are ways in which these costs can be mitigated and one such is buying using websites

How to use social networking and internet marketing to get home based job

There is no shortage or limit to the imagination of what you can do having a home based job. With the implementation of internet marketing and social networking; online users now have unrestricted access to millions of people i.e. business prospects.  Facebook, twitter, Linked In, and many other social networking websites are a great place to network with people, advertise businesses and services; also they have a great resource of job opportunities.

With social media advertising being streamlined to people with particular interests or from a particular age group; business owners, entrepreneurs, and stay at home internet marketers are even more likely to gain customers through these targeted marketing efforts than if they were using traditional advertising mediums like the radio and television.

So sign up with these websites, create your Facebook page and start creating your network. You can use the advertising mediums of both Facebook and Twitter to attract thousands of followers. Facebook ads will show for any group or category of people you prefer. With Linked In, which is a business oriented social network website, you have a network with business people. This is a great opportunity to not only grow your business, but to join groups and apply for various job opportunities. Do not be afraid to be creative, innovative and execute promotions to attract more business prospects.

There are also jobsites and work from home websites that you can register with. These have thousands of listings daily and you would be certain to find a job that suits your skills. Craigslist is also another great resource and you can access their information for free. Work from home jobs as well as odd jobs in your neighborhood and city are listed there on a daily basis.

Internet marketing and social network sites offers various and unlimited opportunities for every one dreaming to work at home. You just need to have your own computer and internet connection and you are ready to work for businesses or individuals around the world. Utilize these mediums and make it profitable on your favor.


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We went to church early this morning with my little girl Bernice. Our church celebrates Thanksgiving and Advent. On the liturgy I read an article about things we should be thankful for. Please read it below and share with me the things you are most thankful for by posting a comment.

What Am I Thankful For?

  • The taxes I pay because it means I’m employed.

  • The clothes that fit a little too snugly because it means I have enough to eat.

  • My shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.

  • A lawn that needs mowing, windows  that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home.

  • The spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.

  • All the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.

  • The lady behind me in church who sings off-key because it means that I can hear.

  • The piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved-ones are nearby.

  • The alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I am alive.

  • The weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.

I say I thank everything that mentioned above. As a mom what else can I ask for? I look at how beautiful our child is, how lucky I am to marry the most wonderful man, and our jobs that sustains us everyday.  These are blessing I am thankful for.  What about you Super Mom?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making money from writing articles and blogging

Working from home will open many opportunities for you online. It is a double benefit being able to do something that you enjoy and spending time, raising your children at home. This is what a work at home mom can look towards and be thankful for. There are many ways in which moms earn an income from home and one such is through blogging and writing articles. Those who have always aspired to be authors, writers and novelists, can sharpen their skills in such a way.

Blogging is now one of the most popular forms on the internet; it is a great internet marketing strategy and many businesses or companies will hire people to manage and write blogs for them. The greatest aspect of such a job is that depending on the amount of work, and the payment; you can manage or write for multiple blogs. This will bring in a tremendous cash stream if you can be consistent, manage your time and know the best places to scope for employers. Whether you choose to manage someone else’s blog or implement your own, there is money to be made from writing and blogging. If you have a personal or professional blog, make sure to monetize it with Adsense and you will generate income from people clicking on the ads on your page.

Steps on becoming financially secure

Financial freedom is a dream that many people aspire towards. For many it seems like a mythical dream that is just out of reach and taunts you into further financial deprivation. But, that does not have to be the case. Financial freedom is possible and many people who employ the correct steps and are vigilant about how they make, spend and save their money, continue to be financially unburdened for a long time. These strategies are to be implemented for the rest of your life and when retirement approaches, you would have been shored up by your savings and investments.

Financial freedom is symbolized by several factors; these include being out of debt, handling your expenses responsibly, saving more money every month and working in a job that you love. To exude all those factors, you must first reduce and get rid of stressors as well as begin to have more fun and relaxation in your life. With such a goal, you will employ various objectives like exercising more and starting a new hobby.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

WAHM: my realization

It's quiet in my house today. Baby is out with her aunt to visit her cousins. Few minutes since she left, and I miss her so much already.

I'm an not used to not seeing here in my house or at least hearing her voice when I work. My realization is, having this luxury to work from home in the absence of my daughter is useless. I know I am just over acting because few hours from now, she'll be home again. My life will be back to being a roller coaster in a while. So while waiting for her, I made myself a little busy this morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WAHM advice

For many mothers especially those who have young children working at home, is a blessing in disguise. It allows them to earn an income, but still be able to spend quality time, raising their children. For those mothers who have been laid off due to the global recession it is a great way to be able to handle all the fiscal, educational and family needs.

Types of work at home jobs

There are many opportunities on the internet for work at home moms. They range from customer service and support, technical support, order processing, blog or article writing, proofreading and editing documents, translating documents, transcription, web research, internet marketing, sales, data entry email response handling, business services, multimedia jobs, programming jobs, web and software development. The list goes on and anything an employer would have done in a traditional brick and mortar office; a work at home mom, with the right technologies can accomplish them at home.

There are a few considerations and distractions that can occur at home. These are things that can interfere with the quality of work. Things like disturbances from the children, television or the temptation to not prioritize work tasks over things that you have to do at home. If working at home is to be a successful venture, then it will require organization, discipline and consistency. There are practices that you can put in place so that you can get your daily job done and still have a separate time to do the mom stuff.

Things to do to organize your time

First, get organize; this requires that you make a list or schedule and execute it. There is no manager standing over you and micromanaging everything that you do at home; ensuring that you do your work. So, you have to do this yourself. You will need a timer. Your schedule should have designated work hours and once the timer goes off everyone, including the children, will be aware of what comes next. Because, they know when you finish working, they will be respectful of your work time and space.

Many young children have nap times so use this time to get some tasks done for work. Older children might have TV time, or homework time; these times should also be taken advantage of by a work at home mom. The other parent, who is the dad, can have scheduled times when he takes the kids of your hand and this will give you another time slated to work. In order to accomplish this transition smoothly, the list should be printed and placed in your working area and also in the common family area, like the kitchen on the fridge. This way everyone is aware of what is on the schedule.

Use written communication vs. telephone calls

If you are in a living situation where there is a lot of noise then you need to be creative in how you communicate with your clients or employers. That means using written or text mediums to communicate. That means using email, instant messengers or Skype. If you must have telephone conversations or video chats; you should do this when the children are having a nap, your spouse has them or they are doing their homework. Ensure you communicate the importance of them being quiet. If you happen to be disturbed, simply reschedule the call for another time. Things happen!

What to do when you have too much to do

This is often a common problem. These solutions can be simple so do not be overwhelmed. First thing to consider is hiring additional help. You have several avenues to explore; that includes friends, family or online assistance. You might also look into getting a nanny for those more hectic summer and holiday school break periods. If you are limited on funds then enquiring of other work at home moms how they manage this issue. You will surely get some insight from them. If they are close neighbors, you could babysit for each other. You can discuss these time management problems with your husband and have him assistance you more on the weekends or after work.

There are many chores at home that need to be done by a work at home mom. This includes ironing, cooking, laundry, doctors’ appointments, taking the kids to school and many more. All this will require great time saving strategies. Do your laundry early in the morning or late at night throughout the week. You can do one load at a time. For cooking, slow cookers or baking meals will be very beneficial. You can scout the internet for either quick meals or healthy meals that can be prepared using a slow cooker. In terms of cleaning, do one room a day; you will notice that the job gets done and is more manageable.

Work at home moms do not have to be overwhelmed and stressed about how to manage their time, work and children. The tips above will help you transition more smoothly and be more efficient.


What mommies do best....

To our children, the word mommy is the most important. They call us when they are hungry, feeling sick, help them with their homework, cook for them, and when they are hurt they want our arms wrapped around them.

What in the world can make us feel we are needed but through our children? That is why no matter what   life gets in the way, whatever circumstances our children is our priority. Not because they make us feel we are important but most of all we want to be the best provider of love and care to them. Seeing them happy adds to our happiness.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Please feel free to email me should you have any questions, suggestion, feedback.

Saving money when with friends

Courtesy of Google

Going out with girlfriends is fun. But when you go out and don’t want to spend much make sure you leave your cash at home. Otherwise you will be tempted to spend more than what you decided to spend. This is very true to me as I always leave cash if I don’t have plans of spending. I usually realize that I don’t need things I can’t afford.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coupons: its benefits and disadvantages

Maintaining a home is not as easy as it was in years pass. There are more factors that make it difficult for parents
and especially single or stay at home moms to stretch the dollar. The economic recession has also made matters worse because people simply do not have the money after losing jobs, receiving pay cuts or having to work part time jobs. There are families where both parents have been laid off and the stress of the responsibilities seems insurmountable.

Work at home moms are super social moms

The internet holds a wealth of possibilities for people who need various ways of earning money. The various businesses that are online are very much the same as those in the typical world. More and more people are venturing to online jobs because of the effects of the recession. This includes businesses cutting staff, outsourcing more of their tasks and basically a lack of jobs on the market. Surprisingly, the internet, if you know how to be technology and business savvy, doesn’t seem to be affected so much by the fiscal difficulties.

How to Save on Coupons?

Couponing can be addictive. But one rule for sure most of us can't resist is that do not but if you don't need it even if it will make you save a lot.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Being a W-A-H-M...A Privilege

W-A-H-M. This is how we call ourselves. Its the short term for work-at-home-moms. In today's society where mothers don't just stay home to nurse their children and take care of the family, we are also given an equal opportunity to be part of the working force where originally just the men's world.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How Are After-School Programs Beneficial For Children?

After school enrichment programs are intended specifically for elementary as well as middle school children around the country. These programs are presented all through the country to adolescent children in order to improve their social, academic and enrichment opportunities.

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W-A-H-M: A Privilege

W-A-H-M. This is how we call ourselves. Its the short term for work-at-home-moms. In today's society where mothers don't just stay home to nurse their children and take care of the family, we are also given an equal opportunity to be part of the working force where originally just the men's world.

I don't work in a physical office. I don't need to undergo the same routine everyday from waking up early in the morning to commuting for work. I am a W-A-H-M. I work from home. This is a privilege. I say its a privilege because not every mothers can afford to work from home just like working on a regular office.

This is one great privilege to be able to earn from home and being with my daughter anytime of the day. It is a privilege I should cherish because it has paved way to learn new skills and talents I never learned from my long years working in the office.

I never imagined having the time to blog when I gave birth. I thought my life would be just be confined by raising a family.

Allow me to share some insights about my experiences and for other moms to get inspired and maybe realizing that either you work from home or away from home, being a W-A-H-M is just another avenue to prove how worthy we are to be called a mommy. I say so because for our love to children, we sacrifice some portion of our time which is supposed to be for our children alone just to be sure they would would have a better future.

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