Friday, February 17, 2012

How To Become A Multitasking Master (for work at home moms)

Working at home has its advantages and disadvantages and if you do not know what multitasking is, then you’ll probably end up finishing nothing. Work at home moms should learn how to multitask for them to finish their home-based business and at the same time do the household chores and spend time with the kids. Most mothers find it hard to do multitasking and in the end fail to finish everything on time.

Time management is very important for home-based moms. This is why setting a schedule is a must. Before you set your schedule you need to have a sensible To-Do list. Write down all your daily activities so you will know what should be your top priority and when to do to a specific task.

When creating a schedule it does not only include the task and time, but where to do the work is also vital. Like for example when it’s time for your toddler to play, you can do some of your online jobs near your kid’s playpen. That way, you can concentrate at your work and can also check out what your kid is doing.

If it is possible, it would be best to set a small office at home to do your online jobs. Your home office should be put up where it is accessible to all the other rooms at home. This would lessen the time going back and forth in case you need to check your kitchen or do the laundry.

In order to become a master in multitasking it is imperative to set realistic goals and learn your limitations. It is also important to have focus and to avoid getting distracted easily.

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