Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Places in Dallas; Mercedes-Benz Shopping

Are you in the area of Dallas and is having a dilemma where to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz?

There are a lot of good car dealers in Dallas.  Mercedes-Benz shopping wouldn't be hard to for you, but it is picking the place to buy that makes it complicated. What you need is a store which can give you the quality of automobile that you are expecting. A store that provides not just the best car but also the best service in town. Somewhere where the crews treat their clients not just as clients but also as car enthusiasts.

In the area of Texas, majority of the consumers trust Park Place Motors, this is located in Lemon Avenue Dallas. Mercedes-Benz is one of their priority deals. They offer warranty services and investment protection. Park Place Motors is actually an award winning provider in Dallas. Mercedes-Benz' Best of The Best Dealer is the honor that this company holds for more than nine years. Park Place has been around since 1995, and since their existence, the people in Texas relied on this company for their vehicle needs.

They sell used and brand new cars. In their store you can find a wide option of high quality vehicles. They offer state of the art walk-through guides for their client, providing the satisfaction that each client needs. Plus you got to enjoy their sweet and comfy client lounge that is a Wi-Fi zone where you can surf the Internet, drink any beverages that you want while you wait. For more about Dallas Mercedes-Benz information at

Disclosure: This is a paid review. 


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